Thermal treatments with the special salsobromoiodic water, the featuring “Acqua Madre”, help in the maintenance and rehabilitation of the physical condition, in three ways:

  • PREVENTION: reduction of symptoms’ intensity and of the frequency of severe fases of disease.
  • THERAPY: treatment of chronic diseases with reduction of symptoms and an improvement of the patient’s phisycal conditions.
  • REHABILITATION: in support of traditional treatments, in particular for the rehabilitation of vascular and orthopaedic pathology.

The “Acqua Madre” is used for balneotherapy, mud therapy and inhalation treatments (inhalation, aerosol, pulverization, nasal irrigation and micronized nasal irrigation).

Rheumatology (arthrosis, osteoporosis), vascular care ( phlebitis), rehabilitation (post-operatives effects).

Rheumatology  (arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatisms), rehabilitation (post-operatives effects).

Respiratory system affections – ear nose and throat (pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, deafness), bronchial syndromes.


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